Shrimp Roll

Shrimp rolls are also one of the must-order dim sums! Now you can get it from Mastersteam! The beancurd skin is wrapped with shrimp, lean pork and mushrooms. Fry it until golden brown! It is crispy and yummy! You can eat with mayonnaise or Thai chili sauce, the taste is superb!


Beancurd Skin, Pork, Pork Lard, Mushrooms, Shrimps, Pepper, Salt, Sugar, MSG, Sesame Oil

Products details

12 Month

5 Pieces

0.15 Kg ±

Shrimp Roll

Defrost Before Deep-Fried

Fried time: 4 minutes

Fresh Ingredients

No Chemical Additives

Premium Quality Fresh Shrimp

Premium Quality Fresh Meat

Shrimp Roll Cooking Method

It is recommended to take it to the refrigerator (at 0 degree Celsius) to thaw the day before you enjoy it and unseal it only after thawing.
Deep fried the shrimp roll for 4 minutes.