Nian Gao Golden Ball

The crispy outer layer of Nian Gao Golden Ball, with the dense and fragrant taro paste filling and the Chinese rice cake. The delicate taste and moderate sweetness are simply delicious on earth!


Glutinous Rice Flour, Wheat Starch, White Cream, Custard Powder, Yam, Coconut Sugar

Products details

12 Month

6 Pieces

0.174 Kg ±

Nian Gao Golden Ball

Baked time: 10 minutes

Fresh Ingredients

No Chemical Additives

Nian Gao Golden Ball Cooking Method

It is recommended to take it to the refrigerator (at 0 degree Celsius) to thaw the day before you enjoy it and unseal it only after thawing.
Recommended the usage of an air fryer at the temperature of 150°C.

Baked the Nian Gao Golden Ball for 10 minutes.