Truffle Mushroom Bun 黑松露野菌包


Quantity: 6pcs /包

Steam 5 minutes 蒸 5 分钟


  1. Mix mushroom 菌菇类
  2. Truffle 松露
  3. Yeast 酵母
  4. Flour 面粉
  5. Sugar 糖
  6. White cream 白奶油
  7. Vegetable oil 植物油
  8. Cooking cream鲜奶油


Storage Conditions 保存方式:-

Store at -18°C or below 储存于-18°C或以下

How to cook 烹饪方式:-

  1. It is recommended to unfreeze after defrosting the day before
  2. Put the steaming rack in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water, heat it to boiling, put it in the steaming rack, and close the lid
  3. Boiling water and keep high heat to steam 5 minuted


  1. 建议享用的前一天拿去冷藏(0度处)解冻,解冻后才解封
  2. 锅中放入蒸架后加入适当水量,加热至水沸腾后,放入蒸架盖上锅盖
  3. 大火蒸5分钟即可


Shelf Life 保质期:1 year


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