Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp

Soft, smooth and silky texture shrimp rice noodle is definitely the Hong Kong-style dim sum that almost melts in your mouth. Wrapped with fresh prawns and wandering in the sweet special soy sauce, delicious and tender. Heavily Tested!


Rice Noodle Roll: Shrimp, Water, Rice, Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Palm Oil
Soy sauce: Soy sauce, Sugar
Chili Bean Sauce: Chili, Bean Sauce, Onion

Products details

12 Month

3 Pieces

0.22 Kg ±

Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp

Defrost Before Steam

Steaming time: 5 minutes

Premium Quality Fresh Shrimp

Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp Cooking Method

1. Heating

Pierce film about 3 - 4 holes or open a bit at top right corner of the film and heat on medium heat for 5 minutes.