About Master Steam

Master Steam is a brand of Dong Sing Food Link Sdn Bhd.

Back in 1999, Mr. Wong decided to start his own business and named the company name [Yingjie], making desserts for restaurants nearby. After that, Dong Sing Food Link Sdn Bhd was founded by the three Wong brothers.

Founded in 2006, Dong Sing Food Link Sdn Bhd is mainly a food company that produces Chinese Dim Sum, desserts, and semi-finished products. For many years, it has been a vital food supply chain in the Chinese food industry in Malaysia, specializing in the wholesale of all kinds of seafood, imported seafood, frozen food, meat and cold dishes, exquisite dishes, etc, for major Chinese restaurants. Also, it is indispensable in suppling food ingredients in major Chinese banquets.

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Our Promise

In order to let the general public to enjoy the high-quality food of Chinese restaurant, Master Steam began to introduce a series of family-friendly dishes as a well-off family and small-scale restaurants were unable to buy a large amount of Dim Sum from Chinese Restaurant.
In order to meet public needs, Master Steam has been actively researching on various dim sums that meet the tastes of the general public in recent years. In the meantime, they are also developing unique flavors of Chinese Dim Sum and various delicacies to bring convenience to the public. From seasoning, cooking, packaging to supervision is all strictly regulated to meet Malaysian food safety standards. This is to ensure our food can retain the charm of traditional Chinese cuisine, also keeping a good reputation for food production experience.


Our New Era

It has become a turning point for the food industry in year 2020. Master Steam is determined to introduce products via an online platform so that the public can garner new experience in having our Dim Sum. We connect with everyone via a variety of photos, videos, text, typographic design, and live broadcast to promote Chinese cultural cuisine and heritage.

Our Vision & Mission

“When it comes to Chinese Dim Sum, one will definitely think of Master Steam.”

This is the vision and mission of the Master Steam’s team.

We will stick to this belief and put our minds and efforts on producing the best food, packaging, and good image.