How to pick the right type of sea cucumbers? Which type is the best?

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How to choose a good sea cucumbers? What are the qualities of a good sea cucumber? rich in nutrients, and known as one of the eight treasures from the ocean.

There are about 1,300 types of sea cucumbers in the world, but only 40 types can be consumed. The largest quantity of sea cucumber can be found in the Indian Ocean and West Pacific Ocean in different variations. The sea cucumbers in China derive from the temperate and tropical zones. The Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus is the most prominent among all sea cucumbers in China. 

It is commonly found in the Yellow Sea, and is the main commercial cuisine in the temperate zone. On the other hand, the Sandfish Sea Cucumbers Thelenota Ananas is commonly found in Guangdong, Guangxi, and the coastal area in Hainan. It is the main commercial cuisine in the tropical zone. The sea cucumber contains vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are beneficial for health and conditioning of one’s body.

Types of Sea Cucumbers Available in Malaysia

Teatfish Sea Cucumber (Holothuria)

There are three types: White, Black, and Flower for teatfish sea cucumbers. The origin of these names are based on the color of the sea cucumbers: White Teatfish has white-color skin tone; Black Teatfish has black-color skin tone; and Flower Teatfish has patterns on its skin. The name Teatfish derived from the wide and large shape of this cucumber, with an underbelly similar to a female pig’s teats. It also looks like a bunch of piglets bundled in a nest from afar.

This type of sea cucumber is a common cuisine served during wedding dinners at Guangdong area due to its nutritious value and exquisite taste. It is also the main ingredient used in a famous dish known as Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. The flesh of this sea cucumbers will become soft and smooth after it has been soaked in the water and the color will turn slightly yellow. It can be used to replenish the kidney, lower blood pressure, as well as treating high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, and stomach ulcer effectively, and prevents cancer.

It replenishes vital essence to strengthen the kidney in diabetic patients and patients with high cholesterol. The therapeutic feeding has a high success rate on elderly people, especially on married women who require blood replenishments for fertility and post-birth care. It is also suitable for expecting mothers as it helps to produce more breastmilk.

Stonefish Sea Cucumber (Actinopyga Lecano)

The Stonefish Sea Cucumber has a bald and smooth texture, mostly in dark grey or dark purple color. It is commonly found in the Southern South Island and Paracelsus Island. The spiky variations of this sea cucumber has a higher nutrition value compared to the bald variations, especially those produced from Bohai Bay.

It is cheaper to purchase the Stonefish Sea Cucumber for making food as it has a lower value in nutrients, in comparison to the spiky variation of sea cucumbers.

Codonopsis Pilosula

This is one of the traditional eight treasures from the ocean, and one of the main ingredients in a famous dish known as Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. It strengthens the core of the body by boosting energy and nourishing the blood, regulating the body’s immunity and sugar level in the blood, slowing down the aging process, improving memory, reducing fatigue, and promoting growth and development.   

Codonopsis Pilosula has a slow growth rate, is able to withstand cold and harsh low temperatures and survive in nautical miles of long winter due to its high rate of natural elimination. It consumes only a unique seaweed throughout its life.

The amount of irregular spiky flesh on this sea cucumber is reducing compared to the Japanese Kanto Sea Cucumber, with the most precious part being the three crude tribes. The sea cucumber flower aids in improving blood circulation and energy tremendously. It is an important tonic to circulate the blood in the heart. It aids in the swift recovery of wounds and restores vitality when stewed with millet porridge.

Curryfish Sea Cucumber (Stichopus Hermanni)

Produced mainly in the South China Sea, the Curryfish Sea Cucumbers possesses the best quality among other bald sea cucumbers. Its skin tone is originally yellowish-brown, but the dried Curryfish Sea Cucumber is white in color. It is cylindrical in shape, with many papillae on its back and a flat abdomen.

Saponin is a type of active substance found in most sea cucumbers and ginseng. It is also known as holotoxin due to its toxicity, bitterness and slight spicy taste. The toxicity in sea cucumbers is its main active substance, and was the earliest discovery of toxicity found within animals. This toxic active substances within the Curryfish Sea Cucumber have the benefits of preventing and battling against cancer, but an overdose will cause certain side effects, such as dry mouth and nosebleed.

Tigerfish Sea Cucumber (Bohadschia Argus)

This sea cucumber obtained its name from the spots on its skin, similar to that of a tiger’s skin, and it is of the bald variations of sea cucumbers. 

There is a big demand for this type of sea cucumbers in the South. Generally speaking, the Tigerfish Sea Cucumber are mostly found in the wild, rarely are cultivated. It is widely distributed in North America, Japan, and other places. The nutritional value in this type of sea cucumber is similar to that of the spiky variation of sea cucumbers, but the pricing may vary due to those found in the wild and those that are cultivated. However, the pricing and supply for Tigerfish Sea Cucumber is relatively stable.  

The Best Type of Sea Cucumbers Used By Mastersteam —— Australian Wild Sea Cucumber

People are paying more attention towards maintaining a good health through the use of scientific methods to prolong life, in conjunction with the improvements of modern living standards. The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to consume food made with nutritious ingredients, Poon Choi being one of them. Mastersteam uses the best sea cucumber from Australia to make the Poon Choi dish, as the meat is plump, slimy, and gelatinous.   

Mastersteam 蒸功夫

The properties of the Australian Wild Sea Cucumber is able to slow down the aging process, reduce fatigue, strengthen immunity, and enhance the ability to resist illness. It contains more than 50 types of natural active substances such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Among them, acid mucopolysaccharide and chondroitin can significantly reduce heart tissue the amount of lipofuscin and skin proline play a role in slowing down the aging process.

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