Mastersteam’s Best Dim Sum Series Part 2

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
November 28, 2020 0 Comments

Mastersteam is a Hong Kong dim sum brand that insists on hand-made, pays attention to the original essence of the ingredients. It has 20 years of experience in making dim sum and produced more than 50 kinds of Kung Fu dim sum.

Mastersteam promises to serve food at its best taste where fresh ingredients are carefully selected, allows ordinary people to enjoy the culinary at the most affordable price. 

Creamy Salted Egg Bun 流沙包
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Creamy Salted Egg Bun

It is a must order when having dim sum in the morning! The filling is a little sweet and slightly salty, creamy, sandy and lava-like texture of the mashed salted eggs yolk.

Cha Siew pau
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Mastersteam Char Siu Bao

Freshly made Char Siu Bao is to die for! It is soft, fluffy steamed buns filled with juicy Chinese BBQ pork or char siew.

Black sesame bun 功夫麻皇包
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Mastersteam Black Sesame Bun

The mouth watering fluffy steamed bunswith an aromatic and well balanced filling.

Yam Bun
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Mastersteam Taro Bun

Calling for yam lovers!  The filling of taro bun is fragrant and smoothright after it is steamed.Incredibly flavorful!

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Matcha Sweet Potato Bun

It is ridiculously soft and fluffy, while adding sweet potatoes to a bun make it even more nutritious! Perfect taste and texture you can get from Mastersteam!

Truffle Mushroom Bun 黑松露野菌包
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Truffle Mushroom Bun

The perfect snack for breakfast! Buns with assorted mushrooms and truffle greatly hit the taste buds.It’s so soft and fragrant with the earthy flavours.

Chinese Wine Bun
Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Rice Wine Chicken Bao

It is a raditional Hakka-style filling of chicken-ginger-rice wine. It is flavorful, full of fragrance and melts in one’s mouth!m

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