Master Steam-The origin of Jook Sing Noodles & traditional craftsmanship

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
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Master Steam-The Origin of Jook Sing Noodles

Master steam-Jook Sing Noodles aka Bamboo Rod Noodles originated in Guangzhou, China. During the early 19th century, street vendors used bamboo poles from the forests to carry equipment for their noodle stalls. Till then the vendors used the bamboo poles to flatten large quantities of dough.

Mastersteam 蒸功夫

Traditional craftsmanship of Jook Sing Noodles

The noodle is made by rubbing and kneading the noodles in the traditional way and using a bamboo log to press them. The noodle is made mostly with duck egg. The master of Jook Sing Noodles is required to ride a bamboo log and uses all his strength to press the dough. The master needs to move while pressing to make the dough evenly. The bamboo-beating gives a superior “elastic band” bounce to the noodles. In addition, the bamboo rod should be thick enough to ensure that it has a relatively large surface. Master Steam has always been adhering to the traditional craftsmanship, making noodles in a traditional way so that customers can enjoy the authentic taste.

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
Jook Sing noodles

Authentic Jook Sing Noodles Is Getting Rare, Master Steam admits

Master Steam admits that nowadays the traditional making of Jook Sing Noodles is getting rare. The hand-making process usually takes 30 to 40 minutes which is time-consuming and laborious. Very few restaurants make the noodles in this traditional manner. The application of machinery has replaced the traditional method, which greatly reduces the time and cost of making bamboo noodles. At the same time, this also makes the inheritance of noodle-making skills an inevitable problem. In Malaysia, many restaurants selling bamboo noodles have switched to the application of machines to save time and effort with only a few restaurants still insist on making the noodles in the traditional manner.

Master Steam’s Hong Kong Jook Sing Noodles

Besides making a variety of fresh dim sum, Master Steam’s Hong Kong Jook Sing Noodles is a must-try. Master Steam strives to use fresh ingredients in making the Jook Sing Noodles so that diners can taste the authentic Hong Kong flavor. For Jook Sing Noodles, the noodle is the most important part which defines the soul of food. Jook Sing Noodles by Master Steam uses the traditional way of making noodles, which is hand-making. After breaking up the noodles, put them in boiling water, and blanch them for 10 seconds. Drizzled with the specially made sauce and topped with wonton and barbecued pork. It is extremely delicious! Stay at home safely and enjoy the Hong Kong Jook Sing Noodles ordered from Master Steam.

Mastersteam 蒸功夫
Jook Sing noodles

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