Can we Refreeze Food After It Was Thawed?

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Can we Refreeze Dimsum After It Was Thawed?

During the RMCO or CMCO, many consumers stocked a lot of food in their refrigerators. In addition to vegetables needed for daily use, meat products were also available for frozen storage. If meat is used for daily cooking, how to defrost frozen meat? The thawed meat left over from cooking is usually put into the refrigerator again and frozen again.


Does repeated thawing have any effect on the meat?

Experts said that repeated thawing of meat is not recommended to prevent bacteria from breeding.

Under what circumstances the bacteria will grow and Dimsum will affected?

Once dimsum is thawed, it must be processed and consumed as soon as possible. When the dimsum is left out for too long, the bacteria and enzymes in the food will multiply and decompose proteins causing food to go off more quickly. This will also produce toxic substance which may lead to food poisoning.


Experiments have shown that if fresh mackerel is frozen for 1 day and placed at 30°C for 6 hours, it will spoil twice as fast as that of fresh fish. When the thawed egg yolk is placed at 18°C for 2 hours, the number of bacteria will increase about 2 times while the number of bacteria increased by more than 50 times after 8 hours.

To solve the hidden dangers caused by repeated thawing, directly buy what is ready packed!

Frozen meat are hard to be eaten at a time. Many people choose to defrost and use a portion, then put the remaining meat in the refrigerator again and continue to defrost it for use next time. Does this repeated defrosting affect the meat?

Do not put in the refrigerator to refreeze chicken, duck, fish, meat, quick-frozen vegetables, etc. after thawing! The principle of frozen meat preservation is that low temperature inhibits bacterial reproduction. The bacteria are not killed, they just enter a dormant state. In order to control the growth of bacteria that defrost meat, the key is to control the temperature. In order to avoid the hidden dangers caused by repeated defrosting, the easiest way is to directly buy ready-made snack packaging!

Defrost how much Dimsum you want!

Defrost as many Dimsum as you want!

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