How to be the Master Steam?

September 30, 2020 0 Comments
There are various cooking methods since antiquity including boiling, steaming, grilling, braising, pot roasting, stir-frying, deep-frying, braising, stewing, etc. Steaming is the only cooking method best reflects the original taste of food.

Steamed Food Culture

When it comes to steamed food culture, one will definitely think of Guangzhou! Among various Chinese cuisines in Guangzhou, many restaurants use “steaming” as the main cooking method. In fact, they specialize in steaming vegetables and rice. Steaming food can bring essence to the taste buds accompanied by the taste of freshness, fragrance, tenderness, and smoothness. The advantage of steam cooking is that it can retain the shape of food as well as keeping 95% of the nutritional value. Steamed foods retain their own genuine flavor, allowing us to “rediscover” their real essence and taste the freshness in it.

The Secret of Master Steam

Steaming can be done at high heat, medium heat, and low heat depending on which flavor to be used on the raw material of the food. Mastering the duration and degree of heating is very important for steaming which you can’t steam for too long or too fast. Steamed food has strict requirements on the shape and size of the raw materials, and the raw materials have to be fresh. Otherwise, the food will not be in good taste after steaming. Therefore, all the products in master steam are made by the freshest raw materials so that our steamed food can be kept in the most natural and freshest taste. Just pay attention to the cooking time, the food quality and taste will be assured!
1.Move the packaged food from the freezer to the lower layer for defrosting the day before cooking to ensure the freshness of the food. 2.After the food is thawed, place it on a steel, iron dish or ceramic vessel. This will transfer the heat to the food speeding thawing. 3.After the water boils, place the utensils on the steaming rack. If there is no steaming rack, you can use chopsticks as a steaming rack. 4.Then follow the best cooking time for each food to make it more delicious!

Best steaming time for Master Steam’s food!

  • Siew Mai 8minutes
  • Chrystal Shrimp Dumplings 5minutes
  • Shanghai Dumpling 7minutes
  • Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun 3minutes
  • Char Siew Pao 8minutes
  • Creamy Custard Bun 8minutes
  • Fresh Taro Bun 5minutes
  • Red Bean Bun 5minutes
  • Lotus Bun 5minutes
  • Steamed Malay Cake 5minutes
  • Lo Mai Gai 15minutes
  • TangjiuChicken Bun 5minutes
  • Steamed Glutinous Rice In Lotus Leaf 15minutes
All the Master Steam’s food will be tasted great and let you feel the ultimate taste of steaming if you master the cooking time, thawing time, and the best time of tasting.

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